Traveler's Tips

Based on my own experience, traveling is stressful. Also, take into account that sitting through an actuarial seminar is also stressful. You need to take special care of yourself to remain healthy, and maximize the learning opportunity of attending a seminar.

Plan ahead to get Free Wi-Fi (updated 09/15/09)
You can get free Wi-Fi at places like Panera Bread Company or Caribou Coffee (and many restaurants).

You can also get free Wi-Fi by getting a StarBucks card. If you use it during a month, then you can get two free hours of Wi-Fi per day at any Starbucks location.
Link to Gizmodo article

If you are staying at a Hilton family hotel, you should join the Hilton HHonors program. One perk is that you can get free Wi-Fi during your stays. You need to set this up in your HHonors profile - but there is a catch. They changed availability of this option - it is only available to very high level HHonors members.

Book your flights online (added 03/01/09)
I can highly recommend for planning and reserving flights. It is very smart, and knows when the best rates are available at places like and

Avoid later flights when getting to the seminar location
Some people book on later flights so they can put in a full day at the office on the day prior to the seminar. This is not a good idea, since later flights are more likely to be cancelled. In addition, if you are late to the hotel, the rooms may get sold out (even if you have a guaranteed reservation).


Take your vitamins

Get plenty of rest (sleep)
It is easy to get too tired, which makes you more susceptible to getting ill while traveling.

Pack some Benadryl
This can help you fall asleep at night. It has the same ingredient as most sleeping pills.

Avoid drinking alcohol
For most people, alcohol makes it harder to get a good night's sleep.

Keep to your normal schedule
If possible, try to eat breakfast and dinner at your normal scheduled times.

Don't drink the local tap water
Drinking bottled water will help avoid upsetting your digestive system.

Pack some Immodium
If you do upset your digestive system, this is the best cure.


Last modified: September 26, 2012