2017 06 16 replace PVL seals

Replace PVL seals
2017-05-27 09.07.19  When I pulled the lever down, water was gushing out of the tiny hole at the rear of the grouphead 1st-line service tool PVL  This is what I used to help remove the piston and replace the seals 2017-06-16 09.21.15  After replacing the third seal, I thought everything was going to be fine. Apparently not - each of the seals is angled differently. They probably should NOT be angled at all. 2017-06-16 15.16.44  When replacing the piston by hand ( NO spring, NO service tool), the seals did not want to go into the grouphead. I had to use the handle of a fork to gently push the edges of the top and bottom seals.
2017-06-19 20.09.32  When replacing the piston using the service tool, I no longer could see what was happening at the very end. I had no way to push in the edges of the bottom seal - and it got damaged.