Step by Step procedure for baking biscotti

The photos shown below are for pistachio anise biscotti. 
Click on each small image, and it will show a larger image.

Assemble the biscotti ingredients, according to the recipe
Place the saran wrap on the counter first
It should be approximately the same length as the cookie sheets
You should cut the parchment paper and place it on the cookie sheets



Mix the ingredients thoroughly by hand
You want to form a "log" by squeezing the dough between your hands
Place it on the plastic wrap when it is almost as long as the cookie sheet 


Flatten the log by pressing on the top by hand


Pick up each log, and move it to one side of the cookie sheet
You want to flip the log over, so the plastic wrap is on the top side
Roll up the plastic wrap on the side of the log near the middle of the cookie sheet


Flip the log over, so it is almost in the middle of the cookie sheet
The rolled up plastic wrap is now near the edge of the cookie sheet

If you are a stickler for appearance, you can smooth out the uneven sides of the biscotti log
Re-shape the logs through the plastic wrap

The last step is to flatten the ends against the edge of your hand


Finally, remove the plastic wrap, and you are ready to bake

Halfway through the preliminary baking, I rotate the pans, and swap levels in the oven


After the preliminary baking, let the logs cool before slicing


I no longer use an electric knife to slice the logs - it was NOT gentle, and tended to break the ends off the biscotti. Now I use a very sharp bread knife (serrated), and slice them about 1/4 inch wide. Thinner slices will give crispier biscotti.


One log, completely sliced


Place the slices on the parchment paper for final baking


Halfway through the final baking, I rotate the pans, and swap levels in the oven