BISCOTTI Recipes    -  Acrobat PDF files

Pistachio / Anise                         now included in ZIP file below
Cinnamon Chocolate chip            now included in ZIP file below 
Almond / Cherry / Apricot           now included in ZIP file below 

Pictorial of step by step process for making biscotti

Pictures of recipe results

No Knead Bread results              Added 04/05/2020
Bagels of Paris                           Added 01/15/2007

OTHER Recipes    -  ZIP files with MS Word documents

Mexican salad with meat             Added 12/19/2008
This recipe is something Rick made up after having similar salads in restaurants.
Here is a step by step pictorial of constructing the Mexican salad

Banana Nut Bread                       Modified 07/2015
This recipe is from the Fanny Farmer cookbook, and it includes Cynthia's modifications.

Poinsettas drink recipe                 Modified 12/31/2002
This recipe is from Rita Yeazel. We had these and they were really good. This may become a replacement for Kir Royale and mimosas.

Three-pasta-sauce-recipes.ZIP Scans of my favorite pasta sauce recipes                  
Added 02/07/2013

Other recipes ZIP file                  
Last updated 11/23/2023

Includes many of our favorites: Beef brisket with Braai sauce, Cynthia's Banana nut bread, White chicken chili, Granola (two recipes), Tortilla soup, Skillet strata, Coq Au Vin, Curried chicken, Kung Pao chicken, Grilled pork tenderloin with rosemary and garlic, Simple tomato salsa, Creamy Cauliflower soup, Blueberry pie, Strawberry pie, Ginger grouper, Flank steak marinade, White gazpacho and more.

Pasta salad recipe                       Modified 07/07/2002 
Recipe based on Pam Anderson's CookSmart. The recipe is very flexible, and has produced great results. 

I highly recommend Cook's Illustrated magazine. It analyzes various ideas, and explains WHY the choices made in a recipe are better than various alternatives.

I received a copy of CookSmart in 2002, and it has been quite an education. Pam Anderson does a great job of explaining exactly WHY the choices made in a recipe are better than various alternatives.

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