Roasted Coffee

There are WAY too many places to buy roasted coffee on the internet. The problem is that anyone can roast coffee, and the results may not be to your taste. There are very few places that I buy roasted coffee from!

As a home roaster, my goal is to make the coffee taste as good as I can. I have listed the ones that I purchased from in the last few years:

  1. I buy about 70% of my roasted coffee from The Excellent Cup. This coffee is roasted by Peter Schmidt, who is a distributor at the Green Coffee Buying Club. He is a professional roaster, and does a great job with everything. Some of the coffees that I buy routinely are Sumatra, Mexico, Bali, Costa Rica and Ethiopia.
  2. Another favorite roaster is Leverhead Coffee. This coffee is roasted by Larry Lewis, who was also a distributor at the Green Coffee Buying Club.
  4. My favorite local roaster is Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee. They only carry coffees from Rwanda, and they do a great job of roasting.
  6. In prior years, I also purchased roasted coffee from Intelligentsia and Klatch Roasting.
  8. I no longer recommend Counter Culture Coffee, since their roasts are too light for my taste. In the past, I bought from Rev Coffee, which is a local roaster. Over the last two years, their coffees have also gone to a "too light" roasts, which I don't care for.