Recommended Software

I use a lot of different software programs, and consider these programs to be invaluable. 

NotePad +                   (free)       Far superior to NotePad editor that comes with Windows 9x

Norton SystemWorks   $70         Norton File Compare is indispensable for easily comparing text files. Clean Sweep, Disk Doctor, Speed Disk, and WinDoctor keep Windows 9x performing well. Norton AntiVirus provides e-mail protection against viruses.

Pegasus 4.01                (free)       E-mail program, with filtering, multiple identities, HTML mail

PkZip 2.60                   $50         The best Zip file handler, understands long file names inside Zip files

PkZip CL 2.50             $30         Provides command line interface to PkZip, which allows VBScript files (and BATch files) to manipulate Zip files which contain files with long file names

Power Toys                  (free)       Easy, quick switching of screen resolution via QuickRes, adds more control over various Windows 9x “annoyances” (from Win98 CD, not Win98 SE CD!)

SnagIt 5.0                    $35         Capture / print screens (or portions of screen) under Windows

SpamKiller 2.85           $30         Automated handling of spam (junk e-mail)

TrayManager 2.0          (free)       Consolidates system tray programs that you don’t want to see   



Last modified: February 22, 2012