RocketDock lost settings

I started using RocketDock after I moved to Windows 7. It gives me a Really Nice launching pad for running my programs (instead of the Start Menu).

Every once in a great while, it fails to load the prior icon set. If you click on "load the default set", it may take you quite a while to rebuild your RocketDock icons from scratch. I tried changing the RocketDock option to save everything in a Settings.INI file - but it did not work.

After I restarted Windows, there was no INI file under C:\Program Files (x86)\RocketDock. Even worse, the option to save the INI file was no loger checked! After Googling a bit, I found the answer on YouTube. This problem is caused by the "improved" security settings under Windows 7.

From the comments section of that YouTube video:

"When you reboot, settings of rocketdock becomes lost and restarts itself to default mode, and also, stackdocklet doesn't work

go to C:program files
find rocketdock folder
right click and select properties
go to security tab
change permission settings by clicking "edit" icon
find your name/username (i.e warwin-pc/users)
change and click full control
click apply and ok
click another ok

your rocketdock should now work well even after rebooting

This problem occurs in 64bit computers with windows 7"

Last modified: September 11, 2014