Microsoft Journal - broken by Windows Update

I teach online seminars, and have used Microsoft Journal for many years. I simply print Microsoft Word documents to the Windows Journal printer, and it creates files that I can edit by using a stylus on my laptop.

In September 2015, I noticed that Windows Journal was incorrectly displaying certain documents, both on my desktop PC and my laptop. I decided to restore from my 08/30/2015 backup image, and this fixed the problem. After a few days, Windows Journal was broken again. I assumed this must be due to Windows updates that were being installed - so I restored from backup and turned Windows Updates "off".

After my online seminars were finished, I decided to turn Windows Updates back on (I thought everything was working properly). But early in January 2016, I found that Windows Journal was broken again. And even worse, I had deleted the 08/30/2015 backup image. After doing some research, I found that there was a "security update" for Windows Journal in November 2015:

I tried uninstalling that single Windows update, and it corrected the problem. I also had to hide this update (KB3100213) so it will not be installed later.

Last modified: January 11, 2016