Microsoft Word 2003
Can't edit - "Project locked / Project unviewable" error

I recently have been hit by this problem several times. I'll record a macro, then load to edit the macro. But I can't edit the macro, and I receive that error message.

In 2009, I have been hit by this problem several times. After Googling a bit, I did not find much in the way of useful suggestions.

My simple solution:

Do NOT load Word, then try to open by browsing to that file. It appears that when Word is loaded first, Word is locking so that it can not be edited. The simple solution is to browse to, and click on it in Windows Explorer, which will launch Word. Then you can use Tools / Macro / Macros to choose which macro you want to edit.

My brute force solution:

  1. Exit Microsoft Word

  2. Find a copy of which is NOT corrupted (from a recent backup)

  3. Go to the templates directory C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

  4. Rename the existing to normal.bad (just in case)

  5. Copy the file from the backup into the templates directory

  6. Now I was able to edit the macros in my file again

Last modified: November 28, 2011