Event4_1.ZIP Multiple Objects
This is a first attempt to modify Event4.vbp to handle multiple objects. Wouldn't it be nice if you could create object arrays for variables declared WithEvents.
Unfortunately, VB won't let you!

If you try to un-comment this line in the project, VB takes away the array subscripts!
Private WithEvents foTest(1 to 2) As CEventTest
You CAN do this - BUT you must eliminate the WithEvents statement
Private foTest(1 To 2) As CEventTest

Here is the problem. If you create multiple objects using WithEvents, then you have to give them individual names, so each Event subroutine has a unique name:
Private WithEvents foTest1 As CEventTest
Private WithEvents foTest2 As CEventTest

Private Sub foTest1_PercentDone(...)
Private Sub foTest2_PercentDone(...)