Some USB microphones give a very low volume (for recording) under Windows

I have been using a Samson C01U microphone for several years and struggled with a very low volume problem. Initially the volume level was fine. Then something changed, and the volume became very low. I experimented plugging it into a different USB port, and that helped. But that was only a temporary fix.

Eventually I learned that the best solution was a powered USB hub. That worked for a few years, but something changed (again), and the volume became very low. Recently I had to format and reinstall Windows - but that did not fix it for me.

I recently did more Google searches, and found this Youtube video, which has the solution:

I just installed two pieces of software (Equalizer APO and the Peace GUI), and it solved my low volume problem!

Today I posted my own Youtube video example:
Update 09/20/2018
The two pieces of software (Equalizer APO and the Peace GUI) stopped working. So I was back to the very low volume problem.

My first guess was that Windows updates caused the problem. But restoring everything from my 09/03/2018 backup did not solve the problem.

I uninstalled the software, then reinstalled it again. Now the sound levels are boosted back to reasonable levels. I still have NO idea why it stopped working.

Last modified: September 20, 2018