Visual Basic Seminars
Seminars in Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows. Introductory and advanced seminars available for versions 6.0 and 5.0. Also available: in-depth seminar on VBA programming

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For most of these, you can download a Zip file which contains the handout materials and the PowerPoint file. Most were given for the Atlanta Visual Basic Study Group.

Multithreading Presentation Presentation on Chapter 7 of Dan Appleman's new book: Moving to VB.NET.
Error Handling Presentation Some rules of error handling, plus the CompuWare/NuMega FailSafe program.
Events Presentation Using Events with Class modules.
DoEvents Demo Discusses dangers of using the DoEvents statement. This project also illustrates the huge speed difference between Long, Integer, and Variant data types.
VB Script Presentation Presentation on practical uses for VB Script.
Utilities Presentations Various useful utility programs for Visual Basic programmers.

Recommended VB Stuff
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Real World / Training Experience
Rick has done software related training since 1983.
This has more information on experience in programming with Visual Basic.


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