Microsoft Word Toolbar fixes

The MS Office Clipboard can be useful at times. But I generally don't like the toolbar, and was pleased to discover how to turn it off. Here is the solution, from Microsoft. This is a typical registry hack:

The same info is shown on other Google search results, such as 

All those M$ warnings about editing the registry are designed to scare off the timid folk (and protect against lawsuits). You can (and should) back up the entire registry before you tinker with it. Just use File / Export in Regedit. 

I did my registry edit, and can say that the Office clipboard is GONE. But you can get it to appear by right clicking in the empty area to the right of the menu, which shows a list of all available toolbars. Then you can choose "clipboard".


I have always found the MS Word Web toolbar to be annoying. I was pleased to discover how to turn it off. I found the answer for the web toolbar in the Google Groups, after searching on "disable Office web toolbar". It was the first message thread in the list.

Here are the steps to disable the toolbar "forever": 

1. Open MS Word 

2. Open your file, located in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates 

3. Use ALT-F11 to open the VBA window for Word, then switch back to the main Word window 

4. Use Tools / Macro / Record new macro, and call it ToggleWebToolbar 

5. You don't need to assign a keystroke for this macro, unless you want to instantly re-enable the Web Toolbar again. You can restore the web toolbar later by running the macro manually - see step 9 below. If you do want to attach a keystroke, click the keyboard "image", then type your shortcut key, then Assign, then Close. 

6. Stop recording the macro, and use Tools / Macro / Macros, select ToggleWebToolbar on the left, then click on Edit. You should be sitting at the mostly empty code that you just recorded. Copy and paste this one line of code into the macro (this should be on the SAME line): 

CommandBars("Web").Enabled = Not CommandBars("Web").Enabled 

7. Shift back to the main Word window, click the Save icon, and exit Word 

8. Reload Word, and load a document with hyperlinks. Click on a hyperlink, and the web toolbar will appear. 

9. Use Tools / Macro / Macros, select ToggleWebToolbar on the left, and click on Run. The web toolbar will disappear, since it has been "permanently" disabled. 

If you ever want it to appear again, just run the ToggleWebToolbar macro again. Each time you run this code, it either enables or disables the web toolbar.

Last modified: May 21, 2015