Solutions to Software Problems

I use a lot of different software programs, and often have to "fix" various problems. I enjoy helping family and friends with their computer problems too. 

Usually it simply takes some persistence, and searching with Google. There are millions of computer users, and it is likely someone else has already solved the problem for you. The key is to find the right combinations of key words. Here are the latest mysteries I have solved:

10/12/21 Difficulty getting artisan roasting software working properly after I reinstalled Linux from scratch 
09/12/20 Acronis True Image 2017 - unable to restore image 
03/21/20 Acronis True Image - cloned drive won't boot 
01/25/19 Remote Desktop - Local Security Authority cannot be contacted 
01/24/19 Mapping Shared drives / folders for Windows 7 
01/16/19 Mapping Shared drives / folders for VMWare Workstation 15 under Windows 7 
09/25/18 Missing "Base System Device" for Lenovo laptop under Windows 
08/30/18 Solution for very low volume with my USB microphone 
07/21/16 Sometimes you may see "Checking for updates" but it never finishes 
07/03/16 After updating to Thunderbird 45, QuickText templates are now missing 
06/20/16 How to resolve Microsoft Word error message while saving macros "The disk is full. Free some space on this drive" 
01/10/16 Chkdsk quits - Disk checking has been cancelled 
01/08/16 Windows update breaks Microsoft Journal 
06/26/15 How to remove the "Get Windows 10 Icon" from the taskbar 
09/11/14 RocketDock lost settings 
07/09/14 Youtube: 500 internal server error 
08/16/13 Remote Desktop Connection problem - Windows 7 64 bit 
02/15/12 AutoIt problem - Windows 7 64 bit 
01/02/12 Fix for bootmgr problem 
10/14/10 Fix for blank Google toolbar 
09/28/10 Fix for Microsoft Word problem when converting MS Office 2007 / 2010 files 
07/24/09 How to get around Microsoft Word error message "Project Locked / Project Unviewable" 
11/26/08 How to turn off AVG 8.0 spyware protection 
11/05/08 Office 2003 and Vista - Office Assistant - "not enough memory" error 
08/27/08 MS Word error !"bookmark name" is Not in Table 
08/01/08 Getting an "invisible" window to appear 
12/17/06 Getting photos from a PC to Philips Digital Photo Frame 
09/01/06 Upgrading from Acrobat 5 to Acrobat 7 
12/12/05 Use AutoIT to automate tasks 
12/20/03 SpamKiller 2004 (version 5) 
12/20/03 MS Word Web toolbar
12/20/03 MS Office clipboard toolbar

Last modified: October 13, 2021